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Allison loved being a teacher. She was good at it because she worked to ignite a passion for learning within the heart and mind of each student. Allison said that with each class she taught and with each child she tutored, she was reminded of her love for learning and how much she was motivated by the process of learning. She once wrote:

“I have been fortunate to savor success as a world class athlete, feel the wind wisp through my hair as a professional pilot, and sense the heart-filled pride associated with being a life-long learner and educator.”

She brought this love of life into the classroom. She created a student-teacher synergy believing that when she truly listened and made a child feel heard, great things were possible. She thought of school as a way to further the individual’s capacity to love; a place to develop reason and objectivity and an opportunity to build a sense of self. For Allison, education was an art form in which educators became active participants in a child’s quest for self expression.