A new automobile transport, specially modified and painted pink, has been dedicated to transport our cancer awareness message around the nation.

Volvo, which manufactured the truck, provided $1,000 for Fontaine Modification Center in Dublin, VA to paint the truck cab pink. The trailer manufacturer, Cottrell, Inc. in Gainesville, GA painted the trailer to match.The truck will transport cars in a 500-mile radius. Besides directing people to the Allison’s HOPE website, a portion of the truck’s proceeds will go to cancer research.

If a giant auto transport truck painted pink with the Allison’s HOPE logo and website isn’t enough to catch people’s attention, the drivers’ personal stories should inspire support for cancer research.

For this truck we are selecting drivers not by seniority, as is often done, but because they are cancer survivors or have family members battling cancer.

Linda Cassens, a leader in the organization, came up with the idea of painting one of the Cassens transport trucks pink to take the message out on the road. “The success of Allison’s HOPE is the result of intense dedication and support from many people, and we thank everyone who has helped.”


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